Album review: Crossing Eternity – The Rising World


Crossing Eternity – The Rising World

Released 2018 Rockshots Records on CD and digital.


This is Crossing Eternity’s debut album. That is really hard to believe given the quality of this release!

The Romanian/Swedish/German four piece metallers have a mature, melodic power that can’t fail to impress metal lovers everywhere. “The Rising World” is a great album, full of varied songs, hooks and meaningful lyrics. Across the 13 songs on CD we’re treated to power metal, Norse imagery, dragons, magick and all those things we love. Absorbing, atmospheric, rousing and true metal.

“Crossing Eternity” opens the album well, real power metal and from then it’s a journey of soundscapes, sing-a-longs, riffs and glorious vocals by Berti Barbera. His voice fits so well – powerful yet emotive and musical. The rest of the band: Manu Savu – Guitar, Uffe Tilman – Drums, Johann Hentz – Bass are all great musicians who know their subject matter well. Riffing, souring solos and a rhythm section that’s like a beating heart.



01 Crossing Eternity

02 Ghost Of A Storm

03 Sand In The Sky

04 High above the crown

05 Kingdom Come

06 Embrace Your Voices

07 Journey To The End Of Dreams

08 Winter Poem

09 Haunted

10 Dreams Fall

11 Angels Cry, Rainbows Hide

12 Spirit Of The Forest

13 War Of Gods

Fans of Helloween and Nightwish will love “The Rising World”. We especially like the multi-dimensional feel of the songs – light and shade, highs and lows, power and delicacy. Great musicianship and credit should go to the album’s producer who’s done a sterling job 8/10



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